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Gordon and the Contestants

April 18th, 2008 by Rick

Yesterday, during a visit to Washington, British Prime Minister Gordon Brown met separately with each of the U.S. Presidential Candidates, Senator John McCain, Senator Hillary Clinton, and Senator Barack Obama.

Was it just me, or did it look like a astonishingly bizarre beauty pageant, with each of the candidates seeking to look the most Presidential?

In the end, it was actually Gordon Brown who appeared the most Presidential.


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  • Hey Rick
    many of us Brits thought perhaps Gordon Brown was trying a little too hard – I’ve never seen Gordon grin like that! His press conference with Bush was interesting also, he was considerably less gushing about Bush the first time he visited as Prime Minister. Some would say that was the “real” Gordon that visited George Bush the first time, the one who didnt look like Jack Nicholson in Batman 😉 Still, I agree, he does seem to suit the international stage, comes across well. Unfortunately he’s not doing so well at home at the moment.