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Chertoff Calls for Cyber-Security Program

April 9th, 2008 by Rick

At the RSA 2008 Conference, Department of Homeland Security head Michael Chertoff called for a kind of “Manhattan Project” for Cyber-security, as detailed by

Ok, the news appears to make sense and seems appropriate.

But rather than giving speeches at public events, shouldn’t Chertoff and his staff be actively recruiting technology companies and staff?  Trying to build public support in Silicon Valley is fine, but how about detailing some of the steps you’ve already taken since the bill was signed in January?

You don’t need to go into details that would compromise National Security – even a general outline would suffice!

Then again, I’d be happy just to get rid of all the spam from China that I get in my mailbox every day – I mean, if we can’t achieve a win in the war against Spam, how can we credibly combat a higher level of cyberterrorism?


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